1.  Aims

  • To provide students with ample opprtunities to use English to communicate and learn as well as to forge meaningful interpersonal relationships while thoroughly enjoying the learning process.
  • To prepare students living in the twenty-first century for the ever-changing socio-economical demands resulting from technological advancement and to provide them with tools for interpretation, use and production of materials for pleasure, study or work in English medium.

2.  Learning Objectives

  • To arouse students' interest in English language and the western culture and to improve the effectiveness of teaching strategies.
  • To continuously improve reading, writing, listening and speaking skills by further developing school-based curriculum.
  • To provide ample opportunities for students to use English in their daily school lives.
  • To encourage self-directed learning.
  • To arouse students' interest in reading and to support them in improving their reading skills through shared and guided reading.

3.  English Curriculum

We aim to incorporate S.K.H. Christian values into our English language curriculum by using Experiential Learning.

  • Promoting reading across the curriculum (PEEGS) in P4-P6.
  • Promoting Movie Watching programme in P2-P6.
  • Further developing our School-based curriculum by working with Language Learning Support Section of Education Bureau.
  • Further implementing E-learning programme in English teaching and learning especially in the use of Star, Quizlet, Kahoot and Rainbow one.

4. English Activities

  • Singapore Study Tour
  • Spelling Bee Activity
  • English Day
  • English Musical
  • English Excursion
  • Puppetry Show
  • English Summer Camp
  • Movie Fun Fun Fun

5. Grant Scheme on Promoting Effective English Language Learning